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This is what you get

3 February 1988
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I love smoking.

I love drinking.

I LOVE Jane and Jenny.
90's techno, a clockwork orange, afi, against me., aimee mann, andre 3000, apple juice, aqua teen hunger force, bad religion, beastie boys, beck, being gay, ben folds, ben folds five, bjork, blink 182, boston, boston terriers, boxer, bulldogs, cake and smellwood, chinese food, coldplay, david bowie, death, dredg, drew barrymore, eels, elton john, errriiiiit, everclear, foo fighters, food, friends, g unit, garbage, gattaca, ghetto booty, gin blossoms, glassjaw, gold finger, goldeneye 007, goth, goths, green, greenday, guns & roses, guster, head automatica, him, holland, hum, hungry hungry hippos, im gay, interpol, japanese food, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, john bon fucking jovi, john lennon, johnny depp, keane, kevin chu, less than jake, local h, longwave, loudermilk, m&m's, metal sid, milky ways, modern english, modest mouse, mogwai, monday morning mixtape, morrisey, muse, mxpx, my bloody valentine, my fucking tank, nada surf, new jersey, nine inch nails, nofx, oasis, ours, outkast, phantom planet, pineapples, pink floyd, placebo, pork butt, prince, prince and the revolution, pugs, rabbit girl, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, requiem for a dream, rhombus!, rooney, scat man/ scat-ass, sigur ros, silverchair, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, sonic youth, soundgarden, south park, sparklehorse, stuffed animals, sum 41, super metroid, tank ass, tenacious d, the beatles, the cars, the cure, the cutting crew, the darkness, the fifth element, the flaming lips, the gooch ofcourse, the jew crew, the killers, the man clan, the mars volta, the offspring, the psychedelic furs, the rasmus, the stone roses, the strokes, the thing, the verve, the verve pipe, the white stripes, third eye blind, toad the wet sprocket, tom cruise, tom fucking petty, type-o negative, valerie, vanilla sky, velvet revolver, walt flanagan, weezer, weird al, wendys