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Pick her up on time, ask her what she thinks.
"a picnic would be fine, I brought a blanket, some food, and drinks."
Show that you care, with compliments and assuming winks.
Love is in the air, as the sun sinks.

Don't stay out too late, there's always another day.
pretending not to be tired, "Oh why can't we just stay?
or run away? we're long past our curfew anyway!"

The thought circles your brain, it's really quite exciting
What if they came looking for us, will we always be hiding?

don't worry about that dear, cause I've got a plan
let's train to be astronauts, and live on red sand.
Space used to scare me, before you were my man.
I swear the planets all align when your holding my hand.

you've got some imagination up there in your head.
But you and I both know it's time to get to bed.
Your dad already hates me, let's not make him red.
I've kept you out long enough, any later and I'm dead.

Good night my little space cadet I'll see you in the morning
"No... don't go..." she mumbled in between snoring.

How am I so fortunate to have a girl like you
I promise when we're old enough I'll take you to the moon.

That's still a ways away, but I wouldn't mind the wait.
As long as everyday, is spent with my friend, my love, my moon mate.


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