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Human beings, on opposite teams, obsessed
With fashion magazines and sugar coated dreams

Oh when will we all just figure this out?
I think we can all agree, of that i've no doubt

That we do not know what death will bring,
until our last breath we should dance and sing
and praise every last livible thing
before death comes and takes us under their wing

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Our greatest enemy is simply our mind.
Think too much and you'll start to go blind.

Lose sight of our purpose, lose track of the time.
to forget who you are is truly a crime.

No one knows why, some of us lie
but we all stand under the same blue sky,

so stomp snap and sing,
and praise everything,
what's the harm in just giving it a try?

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I left a piece of my heart in Savannah.
I tried to brush the memories aside,
but I find I still wear the clothes you dressed me up in.

You'd think I don't feel life's pressures
with the smile on my face.
It's because I drift away with you
to another time and place

It's been weeks since I've seen her.
she's been in the carolina's
As I'm descending on an airport escalator
I swear she's never looked finer.

The urge to shout and run, but there's people between us.
so we stare and stay composed, anticipating the rush.
Step off the stairs and here come the tears,
the embrace that we share made weeks feel like years.

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I treat my friends unfairly,
I know I do.
It's hard to enjoy myself around them,
because they're just not you.

Ofcourse there are ways of forgetting,
but they're only temporary.
Soon enough everything and everyone,
will, once again, become secondary.

I found a new secret spot,
it could have been ours.
laying side by side,
underneath the stars.

Just a little sketch.
Mommy let us sleep in,
Did she know we weren't sick?
Daddy was always sleepin',
awaiting an all-nite shift.

Mommy kissed us off to school,
Thinkin' we'll never be full grown.
Daddy worked late, to put dinner on our plates,
Hard to believe the commitment he's shown.

Father's been home more often,
But I have better things to do.
Mother goes to church every Sunday,
She wishes you would too.

Father's been treatin' ya more like a man,
but to mother you're still a child.
Father's a thinker, he will understand,
but for mother, on the other hand,
it will take awhile.

Catherine's prayin' on the couch,
Joseph's sleepin' in their bed.
Catherine does what God tells her,
Joseph can't believe what she sayin' he said.

Catherine is starting to doubt him,
After all his hard work.
Joseph still loves Catherine,
he just wants to make this work.

Mommy grew wings and took flight one night,
so silent since she's gone.
Daddy can't stand the quiet,
so he leaves the radio on.

Dad swears every song reminds him of our mother.
"I know she was a bit peculiar son, but my heart, it seeks no other."

No sooner than the end of that thesis,
I realized true love exists.
We're all just wandering puzzle pieces,
Wondering just who fits.

We're so sorry this happened, dad.
But know you're not alone.
Your sons are always here and we thank you,
For all the commitment that you've shown.
Now lets go get Mommy,
Because without her,
It never feels like home.

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We could all learn a thing or two from jack
Aware of his surroundings, he always plays it cool
He doesn't stress over inconsequential things
like what to wear or a little bit of drool.

when your world is crumbling
just look down
he'll be there at your feet
with a stare as if to say, "what's the big deal?"

I know he's just hungry, but i can't help but feel
that's he's trying to tell me, "I'll lick up your tears for now, but put an end to all this useless doubt. we'll get through this together. I don't know if I can do this alone. Im always looking out for you ya know. I'm a little bit concerned.I know it's hard to find your place but by now i thought you would have learned We're alive and im by your side. Whatever you do, wherever you go, i'll be right there with you. I may not be able to speak your language, but i need you to know, that when i give you that look, it means you've got to let it go. This is all pointless, don't you see? we all die eventually. So while you're here remember your living, but only so long, your wasted time won't be forgiven. do something worthwhile, while you're still here, make another thought-provoking song for everyone to hear. woof woof. woof...

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Pick her up on time, ask her what she thinks.
"a picnic would be fine, I brought a blanket, some food, and drinks."
Show that you care, with compliments and assuming winks.
Love is in the air, as the sun sinks.

Don't stay out too late, there's always another day.
pretending not to be tired, "Oh why can't we just stay?
or run away? we're long past our curfew anyway!"

The thought circles your brain, it's really quite exciting
What if they came looking for us, will we always be hiding?

don't worry about that dear, cause I've got a plan
let's train to be astronauts, and live on red sand.
Space used to scare me, before you were my man.
I swear the planets all align when your holding my hand.

you've got some imagination up there in your head.
But you and I both know it's time to get to bed.
Your dad already hates me, let's not make him red.
I've kept you out long enough, any later and I'm dead.

Good night my little space cadet I'll see you in the morning
"No... don't go..." she mumbled in between snoring.

How am I so fortunate to have a girl like you
I promise when we're old enough I'll take you to the moon.

That's still a ways away, but I wouldn't mind the wait.
As long as everyday, is spent with my friend, my love, my moon mate.

weird coincidence
I was just starting to go back into previous posts of mine and literally the first one I found was this. It's kind of strange to stumble upon this one right after I just got done saying basically the same damn thing.

Only this time I wanted to add a video that I just found.


*Past entry*

I am currently dying to see the Mars Volta again.

I thought I would be really disappointed that the old drummer (who is my favorite drummer ever) is not in the band anymore.

until I found out who his replacement was.


yeah. he has dreads.

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I hope you Gainesville folk and travelers alike are hungry, because I'm about to serve up a tasty treat.

Gator dawgs recently closed, and Andrew B posted on F book his sentiments towards this once fine establishment. I made a joke in poor taste. This is what ensued...

(On a side note it should be known that 'the incident' is gator dawgs glass front door being shattered this past Fest)

Andrew Lloyd Bond
Yesterday at 3:08pm · LikeUnlike · Comment


Vincent Lis There is only one man to blame for this.
Yesterday at 3:55pm · LikeUnlike
Samantha Jeanne Falk WHO?! let's go after him with pitchforks!
Yesterday at 3:57pm · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis You're closer to him than you know, sam.
Yesterday at 4:47pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Dina Miller oh no! thats so sad :(
Yesterday at 4:54pm · LikeUnlike
Elizabeth Burgess damn, where the hell else would I go when in gainesville?
Yesterday at 5:28pm · LikeUnlike
Andrew Lloyd Bond VINCE! STOP!
Yesterday at 6:45pm · LikeUnlike
Adam Gilmour TOO SOON!
Yesterday at 7:20pm · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis I CAN'T! I'm just saying, it's almost too strange of a coincedence that they closed not long after 'the incident.' I'm just playin, of course there's no way it could be true... right?
Yesterday at 7:29pm · LikeUnlike
Andrew Lloyd Bond vince... to be honest i thought the same thing. BUT im hoping its not because of "the incident."
Yesterday at 7:33pm · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis On the real tip though, RIP Gator dawgs, and otis, and acting blind, and being the place I found out MJ died. Your sweet sweet veggie dawgs and tators will be missed.
23 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis ‎'the incident' may not have closed it up, but it certainly didn't help.
23 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis Gator dawgs had shitty food anyways
19 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis I never liked otis
19 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Otis Britt Otis never gave a shit punk!
27 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Otis Britt Love ya Andrew. But that bitch can suck it!
25 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Andrew Lloyd Bond otis, my friend is just being a dick. he really loved gator dawgs. hes been there we me a bunch of times.
13 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis Those were just jokes otis. Your gator dawgs were a gainesville favorite of mine.
8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Otis Britt
Oh,well my bad. Sorry about that,much love to all, and I won't try to find him and rip his spine out and spank him with it. Some times the "evil Negro" comes out in me and I don't try to stop it, but everythings cool though,no worries. Once... again sorry dude.
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6 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Vincent Lis I'm seriously so glad we're cool.
4 minutes ago · Like

can you believe this? I PISSED OFF OTIS!!! I laughed my ass off for a good minutes, but then became seriously concered.

Hello again, old friend.

SOOOOOO IT'S BEEN a while. Feels almost new. I just thought, "who wouldn't want to document their life?" and now here we are.

And what a great day to start the livejournal revival. Maybe I'll make keeping up with this my resolution. I didn't even think of one on new years eve.

Anyways, today. I guess I'll start from here and work my way back. Not longer than maybe ten minutes ago I witnessed the moon (somewhere between a new moon and crescent) falling towards the earth. I never really took the time to notice the slow revolutions our planet is constantly in a state of. It's normally very strenuous to focus on something like this with an unaided eye, lucky for me I found a pair of binoculars today in the trunk of my neighbors car (yes I'm allowed to be in there). With these new super powers my eyes attained I watched as the moon set. Seeing the magnified rock in this way had an almost dizzying effect. For a moment, I paused in awe; My world suddenly seemed upside down (and technically every other direction too). If you ever get the chance to stargaze with a telescope or anything similar, don't think twice, treat yourself to this natural spectacle.

I feel like watching life now.

Other than that my day was kind of lazy. That's fine though, this winter break with everyone home in Jupiter has worn me out. I needed the break. And nothing is more relaxing than hanging out with your brother and listening to records. We listened to quite a lot now that I think of it, but it seemed to go by so fast. We listened to a few of my christmas presents and other new albums. First we listened to Amnesiac by Radiohead. I can say without hesitation that that album alone changed my life completely. I may not know what Thom Yorke has to say most of the time, but damnit they write some great songs. To this day I feel like I've never heard anything like it. I'm sure you've guessed by now that I like it. Next we heard Amputechture by The Mars Volta. This is the last album with their original drummer Jon Theodore. I remember being so upset when I heard that Jon was leaving the band. I really thought no one in the world could play better than him. Sure enough Omar and Cedric found someone who plays in a way that I can only describe as 'beastly.' Thomas Pridgen was no Jon Theodore, but in all fairness, Jon Theodore was no Thomas Pridgen. In the end, their charm was lost and my taste in music had mutated, but they sure do rock my face off to this day. Then we listened to The Bends by Radiohead (I'm not sure why we flip-flopped bands). The bends is a classic rock/pop album. I really don't have much more to say. After that we kept on going with Radiohead and put on Kid gAy. This album has always had a special place in my heart. Always. It has a way of making me tranquil. Finally, we listened to Owen Pallet, who, don't get me wrong, I love, but in all honestly I tend to feel a little bored and sleepy while listening to his recordings. I wanted to smoke some weed and listen to I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (and I have a boner [as biff would say is the actual title]) by Bright Eyes, but Bren had to go home. Maybe next time.

I don't feel like writing anymore so I'll close with some lyrics to a song I've been jamming for the past few days. I'm not very good, and it will take me a long time to finish (IF I finish), but what the hell.

I know that you lost your flower;
some dirt without a seed.
Time to accept reality;
no more make believe.

Get outta your seat;
get onto your feet.
This world is so empty without you;
Is there anything I can do?

By the way, the song of the night is We are nowhere and it's now by Bright Eyes.Goodbye.


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